Good to know

The Green Oriental Spa is located on the premises of BeAlive Health Club. BeAlive is an exclusive wellness club that offers premium gym facilities, personal trainer services, skilled physiotherapists and beautician services. Green Oriental Spa has been operating at BeAlive for about a year in good cooperation with the Health Club.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, BeAlive has taken the safety of its members and customers very seriously. The authorities' instructions and recommendations have been closely followed and the gym is currently operating for the second time during the pandemic on a booking-based system to ensure that there are no more than 10 people in the gym at one time. Every member and visitor to the gym has received precise instructions on how to behave in the gym and staff monitor compliance with the instructions. In addition to limiting the number of people, safety distances and enhanced cleaning, as well as hand hygiene, an important rule is that no more than two people can be admitted to the changing rooms and washrooms at a time. And visitors have been given a strong recommendation to use the shower at home whenever possible. It goes without saying that you should not come if you are sick or if there are any symptoms that could indicate a infection.

Massage services are located in separate space, but are accessed through the gym. It is not advisable to come for a massage ahead of time in order to avoid unnecessary stays in the waiting areas.

BeAlive Health Club takes the situation seriously and BeAlive is not aware of any infections on its premises.

Let’s be considerate!